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Our Values

We are guided by a deep set of values that extend to a focus on products that are essential in helping you maintain optimum nutrition. Each of our product formulas are carefully crafted by selecting only the best ingredients to help you live a healthier and happier life.

Made for Human Wellness

The Feel Great Vitamin Co.'s mission is to help manifest a healthier planet through the creation of innovative products. As a small, grass-roots company we are built on the principle that proper nutrition should be easy and accessible for all. Treat the human, not the symptom.


The Feel Great Vitamin Company's commitment to quality extends to a very careful and meticulous selection process for each ingredient in our formulas to meet the specific needs of our customers.


All of our products are produced in a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) certified manufacturing facility with the highest safety standards registered and audited by FDA. Our real food products are certified USDA Organic assuring the highest quality, purity and potency of our hand-selected ingredients.

Made for "On-the-Go"

We know you and your family are busy. That's why we make our products simple, easy and delicious. Our products are designed to move with you whether you are at home, work, school or out doing the things you love.

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 The Feel Great Story
After learning that he was going to be a first time father at age forty-six, Feel Great 365 founder Franklin VanOs made a conscious decision to begin improving his health. As a part of his new commitment, Frank began a deep dive study into nutrition, taking several naturopathic courses. During his studies, Frank became immensely inspired by the possibility of helping others achieve healthier, fuller lives through the power of nutrition. With this desire to positively affect lives, Frank and a team of industry experts launched Feel Great Vitamin Co. to make nutrition accessible and simple for those seeking to improve their health.