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I love them for my girls they're in love with the taste so I know they will take them

USDA Organic Superfood Reds - Very Berry

I know it's good for me but...

I really wanted to like it but the beets were too overpowering for me to drink it mixed with water. Maybe it's better in a smoothie.

Great tasting


Great tasting and feel more energized will be ordering again!

Great flavor

Great mix! It’s the best flavor of any smoothie mix I’ve had.

Love these gummies for immunity

My Kids Love the taste and I love how they help with back to school immunity. happy dad!


Delicious. Crisp. Refreshing. Clean taste!!!

I feel great!

I love this supplement. It helps me with energy levels, plus I feel good knowing I'm helping close the gaps in my nutrition that I know are there.

Kids Vitamin D3 Gummies
Catina Russell-Helton
Did not like taste

My children will not use secondary to taste. Red is "ok". Orange is "awful mom"

Good Product

I really like Organic Superfoods Reds which is full of the fruit, etc. that I need every day. I could never eat enough food to equal what's in this product which is easy to take, and it tastes good, too!

It is quickly sent out once I order it. This seems to be a great company that doesn't try to push a political agenda on its customers.

Sleep well

Helps my kids sleep well and the ingredients are great! Love fruit pectin over gelatin!

USDA Organic Superfood Reds - Very Berry

"Juice" my 80 year old mother will drink

My mom doesn't drink enough water during the day which causes many issues. Mixing your nutrient dense powder with filtered water into a small pitcher however was the perfect solution. She's loving her new 'juice'! Thank you for making healthy products that taste great.

Moves the poop!!!

These things work so fast and the kids love them!!!

Yikes, my kid hated these

My daughter didnt like these at all. The company provided me with a gift to buy something else which was nice

Love this Hat!

Great quality, hand made!!

Better taste than other competitors

Today was the first day I’ve tried the SuperFoodsGreens blend. In the past I’ve taken the SuperFoodsReds and loved that drink mix as well. You can’t beat the amount of Greens in this product plus a lot of vitamins and minerals too. Great product for sure. This is why the label say’s SuperFoods and that’s exactly what you’ll get if you buy this product from an American Texas company. Certified organic (that’s the good stuff)

Not for us

My son didn't like the flavor but the company was very responsive and refunded my money and didnt even make me return the product

Kids Didnt Like them

My kids didnt like them but the company honored their satification guarantee. I wanted my kid to love these. They are picky eaters.

Taste Great!

My kids eat one every morning and the texture and flavor are great. My kids seem to recover from sicknesses quickly and they don't get sick very often! We will continue to take these! Thank you!

A way to START your day

I was searching for a supplement to replace a supplier that decided to discontinue his product line
Your product filled my needs. I just hope you don’t Dump your product line.


We love these kids vitamins

I love these and my kids love them too :)

Love the low dose. My doctor recommended these for my kids and they work great.. and I take them too. They actually work great for adults in the low dose.

Superfood reds

I take it every day. Tastes great and makes me feel awesome