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I did not get my order where is it

Great vitamins!!

I’ve had a hard time finding Vitamin D that my kids will enjoy taking and I can honestly say they LOVE these!! Definitely worth buying.

Great flavor and mixability

This has helped me break my morning coffee dependency. Serendipity played a part in this. The first time I used this worked out so well, it's the only way I drink it, every day. First, I make a mug of Good Earth Sweet and Spicy herbal tea. (If you've never tried this, you'll be floored by the full flavor and the need for no sweetener). Then, I pour in a scant portion (measuring cup included) and stir. It immediately mixes in. WOW is all I can say. The flavors really complement each other. It may even be too sweet for some people, but I have a rabid sweet tooth so this just hits the spot WITH NO ADDED SUGAR! I do get just a tad "gassy" throughout the day, but it's nothing uncomfortable, obnoxious or stinky. I attribute this to the probiotics doing their job!


My kids love these!

Taste good

Good taste my 4 year old eats without a problem


It’s okay. However I’m allergic to it.

My son loves it and I do too

This chewable, naturally flavored gummy, not too sugary has been the best way to give my son his daily dose of vitamin D3. He is happy when in the morning he takes his vitamins. He is physically healthy and his immune system is also strong and healthy. He is nine years old and he had a flu like symptoms at age three only lasting one day.

The Product is effective and colorful

Amazing Product create by feelgreate

THis Is Awsome Product

The product is really good

My child likes it

It taste ok my child likes it


Great! The taste is a little tasty, too much lemon flavor and it's bitter but my 5 year likes them and has never complained once about the flavor. I tried it and it is very sour. Tone down on the lemon and then it would be more balanced in flavor.

Muy buen producto

Ami hijo le encantaron las gomitas sin acordarle el ya save que tiene que comerse su gomita el es feliz

Great product

These are awesome and the kids love them. We try and keep our kids immune systems going strong and these are a key ingredient.

Great value

Great value

Immune booster for my grandkids

This has been a year when boosting the immune system is more important than ever. My randkids love these which makes my heart happy.

Yummy Gummies

I bought these for my toddler after I decided to send him back to childcare I‰Ûªve been giving them to her consistently for several months (with vitamin c gummies) and to be honest this is the healthiest he has been! He loves taking them and says they taste yummy!

Great product.

These are for my boys and they liked the taste and consistency better than others we have tried.

Great seller and product.

Great product, my son said he felt happier after eating just one.

Taste is amazing

The kids liked the taste, which makes it a home run.

Excellent Quality and easy for my Grandkids

Now we all know the importance of Vit D3 in our health , for the kids this Vitamin supplement is easy and they like it very much , Units are perfect to give the kids every other day in our case , I am glad we can find this product.

Kids love it.

Kids love it so far. And they usually don’t like gummies.

I recommend for any kids

I love this gummies because my kid loves it and keep his healthy.

Good product

Bought these for my son to add an extra boost to what he takes daily. He likes the taste of them and I have comfort in knowing he’s getting the right amount of vitamin d during these crazy times.

flavor is important it helps the children

The product taste great my kids love it

Great quality product

What an amazing product. My children absolutely love it. They look forward to taking it every morning!