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Delicious and healthy

So much so even my son loves it

Awesome Product

I love feel great

Kids love them!

This is the second brand we have tried for omegas and my kids LOVE them.

3 Year Old Loves It and Asks For It

3 year old loves these. I wish there was a more even yellow to orange since orange is her favorite and theres a lot of yellow.

Recommend for children with Autism

Our doctor recommended these fir our child after being diagnosed with Autism to improve brain functioning. My son just started them and I'll continue to monitor progress. Overall, my child enjoyed flavor and texture. This coming from my son who is very picky with what he eats.

These work!!!

I am amazed. This product actually works and shows results in as little as one week! My 7 yr old son has always struggled with comprehension or grades at school in general. His teacher brought it to my attention he may have a focus or attention span issue a few months ago. When his teacher initially told us about his failing grades, we put more effort and raised his f’s to b’s and c’s in one month. We started an ADD evaluation with his pediatrician. But in the mean time we decided to order these and see if it could make a difference. We got graded papers today. Guess what they were. He got A+ In everything such as in ELA, Comprehension Reading, Spelling, Math, and Science. This has never happened before!!! He would usually get c’s in everything and maybe a b in math.. I am completely impressed and am actually shocked this worked! He is so excited about these vitamins and loves taking them 3 times a day. Breakfast, after lunch at school, and after school for homework. He says he doesn’t get distracted anymore like usual and actually enjoys paying attention and learning now. Huge 180 difference! Thank you!!!!

Absolutely loveee these vitamins so far!

Wow! I absolutely loveee these vitamins so far! Not even a month yet & I’m sooo impressed. My son got diagnosed with autism in January. Such a picky eater & non verbal. Taking these vitamins have made such a huge change in his eating & using more words. The bottle is almost empty, definitely going to purchase these again & again:)

Great taste..my daughter loves it

Great product, easy to swallow ,thumbs-up

excelente producto

me agrada que no tengo que obligar a mi niña para que consumo el omega3 ella misma la busca y se la come. encantada con este producto.

Great product for greens

I have been taking this product for a year now and I love it. I had purchased the protein greens which I prefer and hope they will be fulfilling those soon.

The reviews are true

Great productMy little ones is improving and it’s only been 30 daysHer focus is greatIt’s a must buy!!!!

Great Gummies

My son has no problem taken these gummies

Vegan, delicious omegas

My kids love the gummies, i love the ingredients.
Thank you!


Soon after starting them I noticed a marked improvement in thinking.

Not a 30 day supply

I probably wouldn’t of purchased if I had known it was just a 20 day supply. Makes no sense

Women's Multivitamin Gummies

Kids Omega DHA Gummy Vitamins
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I like them but the say it taste like fish

Try them and I think they’re just fine by my kids say they taste like fish

Good organic products


Taste bad

Easy to chew but tasted awful

Good ones

My don like it and ask for it

Kids Omega DHA Gummy Vitamins
Elena bernardinoElena bernardino
Para un toddler no las recomiendo si para niños mayores de 4

Buen sabor y facil de tragar para niños mayores de 4no para toddlers mi hijo de 2 años no las quiso por el sabor y el tamaño.


My kids won’t even eat it. I tried it. And it certainly has that fish taste…. :/ bummer.

doing good so far

at first there was no effect on me but after some time It is helping me with fullness among a few things but this is just me and effects vary from person to person.


Don't know if they help since my 5 yr old won't eat them because they smell...