Your Free Bottle of Feel Great 365


We LOVE our customers but we cannot give away complimentary products without getting feedback from you.    

Follow these 3 simple steps below carefully to receive your FREE Bottle.    The reason we do this is that we want your feedback and we are trying to get the word out on our products and we cannot do this unless you follow all the steps. :)

1. Fill Out The Form Below

The first step to receive your FREE Bottle of our product is to complete the form on this page, including your name, email address and order number associated with your order.  Please note the conditions that apply for this promotion (see below in FAQ at the bottom of this page).


 2. Tell us about your Experience (Instagram and Customer Survey)

Post to Instagram: Post your feedback for Feel Great 365 to Instagram. Please include @feelgreat365 in your post.  Be creative!


Fill Out The Customer Survey: You will also receive a short survey via email from me (Be sure to check your SPAM).  Please fill it out and return it to me by simply replying to the email. 


    3. Consider Leaving An Honest, Unbiased Review on Amazon. 

    It would just take a minute but it is of course not a mandatory step - you will receive the free bottle regardless.  However, I would greatly appreciate it since this is my family-owned business, and reviews are incredibly important to me.




    Please upload a screenshot of your review using the form below.  I LOVE seeing the feedback. It drives me to do better for you, my customer.


    Please note: You MUST have used the product before posting a review.


    4. Finally....

    Once you have completed all the mandatory steps above your free bottle will be shipped within 10-14 days.  Your free bottle will be shipped to the address you have listed on your order number.

    Thanks, Franklin the Founder.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What are the conditions to qualify for the promotion?
    The promotion is limited to one free bottle per household. This offer is valid only for customers who bought the product at list price in the last 60 days. To qualify, you agree to have used the product for a reasonable amount of time and to share your experience with our product.
    So what’s the catch? What is part of the deal?
    There is no catch and there are no costs involved. NO Charges, NO Hidden Fees, NO Trial Subscription, NO Credit Card required. We will even pay for shipping. This is our way of constantly improving our products and customer service. The only thing we ask for is that you share your honest experience with our product.
    Who do I contact if I need help?
    Email me at


    *Conditions Apply: Limited to one submission per household. Offer cannot be reused on subsequent bottles received.